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Install the Hummingbird Add-in

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Install the Hummingbird Add-in

You can install the Hummingbird Add-in to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and this will allow you to find and book rooms.

Below explains how this is done for:

  • Outlook Web App
  • Outlook Desktop App

 If you have access to both versions of Outlook, when you install it it in one place will result in the add-in being available in the Web app and the Desktop app. 


You will need to download the manifest.xml file from iOFFICE.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Marketplace > Hummingbird for Outlook.


  1. Click the Download button.

The <instance_name>.iofficeconnect.com_HummingbirdForOutlook_Manifest.xml file downloads.

Outlook Web App

From Outlook, complete the following:

  1. Click the Mail Settiongs Cog icon and then click Manage add-ins

    Click Manage Add-Ins.png
  2. Click the Add a custom add-in link and select Add from file.

    Add-Ins 2.png
  3. Point the file selector to the manifest file provided and install. The successfully installed add-in message displays and the add-in is now accessible within Outlook Calendar from the command ribbon.

    Hummingbird plugin in Ribbon.png

Outlook (Desktop) for Mac or Windows

  1. Click Microsoft Store icon in Command Ribbon.

    Click Store icon - HP.png
  2. Click the “My Add-Ins” link on the left of the Microsoft Store pop-up then click the “Add a custom add-in” link. Select “Add from file…”.

    Store Add-ins.png
  3. Point the file selector to the manifest file provided and install. The successfully installed add-in message displays and the add-in is now accessible from the command ribbon inside the Outlook Calendar.

    Hummingbird plugin - desktop client.png


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