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Set up a Space Panel Device

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Set up a Space Panel Device

Refer to the following procedure for information on setting up a device to display as a Hummingbird Space Panel.

  1. Download the Hummingbird app on the device.
  2. Tap the Hummingbird app icon to access the app. The Hummingbird Sign On screen displays.
  3. Tap the Turn on Panel Mode button at the top right corner of the screen. A message window displays, allowing you to confirm you want to use the device as a booking panel.

    Acitvate Panel Mode.gif
  4. Tap OK on the message window to activate panel mode. Panel mode is active.

    Note: In necessary, you can de-activate panel mode by tapping the Turn Off Panel Mode button that displays when panel mode is already active on the device.
  5. Enter your site URL and tap the Login button as normal to sign in to the Hummingbird app. The Find a Space window displays.
  6. Use the Search field on the Find a Space window to locate and select a space to which the booking panel should be assigned. A confirmation window displays once you tap on the space to assign.

    Panel Mode - Assign Space.gif
  7. Tap OK on this window to assign the booking panel to the selected space. The panel is assigned to the space and can now be used for bookings and service requests.

Reassigning a Space Panel

If a space panel needs to be assigned to a different space or removed from service entirely, you can access an administrative menu to reassign the panel or sign out of app entirely. To access this menu, simply tap on the date in the top-left corner 10 times. The menu displays, providing the administrator with the option to sign out or assign the panel to a new space.

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