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Category Data

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Category Data

General Information 

  • Categories can be assigned to either a Person, Building or Room. Please populate the appropriate columns between A - G. To assign a category to a room please provide Building/Floor/Room as defined within the iOFFICE environment.
  • Make sure that the Category Hierarchy exists within the iOFFICE environment. You can create a category by navigating to Admin > Categories.
  • The Category ID can be found when viewing the category tree within the environment. The ID is displayed at the end of the URL.
  • Do not change the column headers in Row 4. We use these to complete the template uploads. If you would like to rename the fields, please add the "New" name in Row 3. 


Download the iOFFICE Category Data Template.xlsx file.

Data Columns 

The table below lists the columns and which columns are required or optional.

Column Name Column Required Notes
EmployeeID Required Only one column EmployeeID, Email, or UserName for user categories is needed and must be unique.
Email     Required  
Username     Required  
Building Name  Required Space information only needed for space category imports.
Building Code Required  
Floor     Required  
Space     Required  
Category ID   Required  

Category Depth 0 Name 

Category Depth 9 Name 



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