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Assign Distancing Category to Spaces

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Assign Distancing Category to Spaces

iOFFICE uses a physical distancing algorithm to assign distancing categories to space. This is the first step to creating a floor plan that considers physical distancing to plan occupancy. By simply selecting a safety level distance, iOFFICE will make recommendations for safe and unsafe spaces and help Space administrators plan a safe floor plan for occupants.

Select and View Floor Plan

First Access Space-Right™, select a building and floor and select the TURN ON PHYSICAL DISTANCING button. The floor plan for the selected building and floor will display. To select a different floor, at the top right of the screen select the building and floor dropdown. To deactivate physical distancing, use the Physical Distancing toggle on the bottom left side of the screen. Click on any space on the floor plan to view a pop-up with the Space Name, Space Type, Recommended Capacity, Original Capacity, and Area of the selected space. 


Adjust Safety Level

The amount of distance between the center of any two spaces that can be occupied will display on the slider bar. To select the minimum amount of allowable distance between spaces, slide the selector on the SAFETY LEVEL slider bar. As you slide the selector to the left, the minimum amount of physical distance decreases and more spaces are categorized as Safe Space. As you slide the selector to the right, the minimum amount of physical distance increases and more spaces are categorized as Convert to Office, Reduce Capacity, and Unsafe Space. 

On the right side of the SAFETY LEVEL slider bar, Capacity and Number of People display. Number of People is a combination of two numbers. The first number displayed represents the number of people that can safely occupy the floor plan based on the distance selected on the SAFETY LEVEL slider bar. The second number represents the number of total occupiable spaces and assumes each occupiable space has a capacity of 1. Capacity is the number of seats occupied and available with physical distancing parameters considered divided by the number of seats occupied and available with physical distancing parameters turned off.  


Space-Right™ Distancing Category

When Physical Distancing is toggled on, the toggle will display PHYSICAL DISTANCING ON and the toggle will be teal with the indicator slide right. The selected floor plan with the iOFFICE recommended Category Item for each space will display in a color-coded view. The default Category name is Distancing and the default Space-Right Distancing Category Items are labeled Safe Space, Unsafe Space, Convert to Office, or Reduced Capacity. The Category Item assigned to each space is based on the Safety Level selected using the toggle at the bottom of the screen. 

Rename Category and Category Items (Optional)

The PHYSICAL DISTANCING CATEGORY can be renamed along with the Category Items if desired. To change the PHYSICAL DISTANCING CATEGORY click the input field next to Category. To rename the Category Items click the input field and replace the text for the desired item.




The configure button allows for specific space types to be marked as safe. The configure button also allows administrators to modify whether non-occupiable spaces are reduced in capacity or converted to an office. The configure button also allows for the reservable spaces to be changed to non-reserviable if unsafe or kept as reservable.


Assign New Category to Spaces

Once you have selected the safety level and finalize the names of the Category and Category items, click SAVE AND VIEW IN SPACE DESKTOP to save the newly categorized spaces. The first time you select this a new Category will be created. Each time you select SAVE AND VIEW IN SPACE DESKTOP iOFFICE will update the distancing Category and Category Items to reflect the naming used on that floor plan.

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