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Floor Plan View Options in Space Desktop

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Floor Plan View Options in Space Desktop


The floor plan view in Information Mode on Space Desktop can be changed by using a mouse or the display buttons at the upper right-hand corner.


To Zoom in or out use buttons located at the upper right-hand corner. The plus button Plus.jpg will zoom into the floor plan, to zoom out use the minus button Minus.jpg. A mouse can also zoom in or out using the scroll wheel on your mouse. This allows you to quickly adjust the size of your floor plan.





The Legend feature allows you to select different color scheme layers, for example by occupancy, room type, or category.




Note: As an example, the Category Options selection allows you to define your color scheme by category, depth, and what you want to show on your floorplan (e.g. User & Room Cost Centers).To see category options click the gear button Green_Gear_Button.jpg when the categories mode is selected.





The Layers feature allows you to toggle on/off the display of different CAD layers such as Furniture, Fixtures, Mechanical, etc. To change the visibility of the AutoCad layer do the following.

1.  Click the layers button, the AutoCAD layers Layer_Button.jpg will then load. The load time will depend on the amount of AutoCAD layers that need to be loaded.

2.  To change the visibility of a layer click the visibility button Visability_Button.jpg.





The Assets tab allows you to control how different assets are displayed on the screen. You can choose whether they are displayed, and format the color and size of the icon.  To do this do the following steps.




Text Options

The Text View Options button Text_Options.jpg allows you to choose what information displays on the Space Desktop. To adjust the text that is being displayed do the following.

1. Click the text view options adjustment button Text_Options.jpg

3. To toggle the Compact View click the toggle button next to Compact View. This option will auto-scale text to fit within the boundary of the space's poly line.

4. Text Halo can be toggled on by clicking the toggle button next to Text Halo. This will outline floor plan text with a white glow.

5. Text Size can be changed by clicking one of the different size a icons Text_Size.jpg in the Text Size section.

6. The text display can be changed by selecting the drop-down menu under show.



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