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Find and Edit a Person in Space Desktop

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Find and Edit a Person in Space Desktop

The Space Desktop Person View provides you with a central location for reviewing all the information associated with a person. When searching and selecting a person on Space Desktop, detailed information about a person will display, such as their email, phone number, and location, as well as the assigned assets and categories, assets and service requests created by the person. Additionally, the Person View includes multiple options for interacting with users, such as buttons for sending the user an interoffice mail item (if using the iOFFICE Mail module) or editing the user record.

Refer to the following list for more information on the functions available in Space Desktop's Person View.

Find and View User Details

The Space Desktop's Person View provides you a single location for searching for a person and viewing detailed information about a person. To access the Person View, use the search bar to search for a person and select the person from the search results on the Space Desktop. You can also select the user from the People section on the Contents tab of the Space View.

The Space View is accessed by selecting a space from the search results or clicking on a space on the floor plan or by searching for a space in the search bar. You can then navigate to the Contents tab and select the person from the list.


Using the information on the User View, you can perform a variety of tasks such as verifying user information, locating the user on the floor plan, or contacting the person using the displayed phone number or email address. 

Send Interoffice Mail

The User View includes integration with the Mail module, allowing you to send interoffice mail to a user from the Space Desktop. Suppose you need to send some documents to an employee in your building, but you only have the employee's name. With the employee displayed in the User View, click the More button on the bottom left-hand side of the employee's profile and select the Send Interoffice Mail option. The Mail Check In screen displays in a new browser tab, where you can enter a tracking number for the mail item. 

The Mail module must be licensed to use this feature. The Allow Interoffice Mail checkbox must be checked on the Admin>Mail>Preferences screen for this option to display in Space Desktop. 


After the tracking number is entered, the Interoffice option is selected by default and the Sender and Recipient fields are automatically populated, allowing you to easily check in the mail item. Once you are finished checking in the item, close the browser tab and return to the tab displaying the Space Desktop.

Edit a User's Information

The Edit User option allows administrators to jump straight to a user's record without performing a manual search on the User Search screen in the Admin module. To access the Edit User screen from the User View, click the Edit button on the bottom left-hand side of the employee's profile. The Edit User screen displays in a separate browser window, where you can update the user's record as needed.


View a User's Category

Administrators can review user category information using the Category section of the User View. To view the user's location in the overall hierarchical structure, hover the cursor over the clipboard_e2f2d242546bb11f239e4e2ba8fc3f993.png (Up Arrow) button in this section.


Additionally, if an inaccuracy is discovered, the administrator can click the Category link to access the Categories screen and update the information as needed.

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