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Select a Chart Type

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Select a Chart Type

There are a number of chart types to choose from to best represent your information, including:

  • Column: compares values displayed as columns

  • Bar: compares values displayed as bars

  • Line: compares values displayed as points connected by lines

  • Area: compares values displayed as shaded areas

  • Pie: compares values displayed as slices of a circular graph


By default, the Reports Editor creates a column chart. However, you may select a different chart at any time.

Selecting a New Chart

  1. In the Reports View panel, click the Canvas Option Icon.png icon to show the Canvas Options menu.


Canvas Options Menu.png

Figure: Chart Drop-Down Menu

  1. Select Chart Types from the drop-down menu.


Chart Types.png

Figure: Select Chart Type Screen


  1. Click the type of chart you want to apply to your report. The selected chart type is outlined in blue.

  2. Leave the Selected Chart Type window open to rapidly switch between chart types, or click the Closing Icon.png icon at the top right of the window to close it. 



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