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Interacting with Charts

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Interacting with Charts

Once you have chosen rows and columns and selected the type of chart you want, you can further explore your data using interactive features such as brushing an area of the chart to zoom in or clicking on a legend to hide the members of a group.


Zooming allows you to view a smaller area of the chart more closely. Zooming can also be helpful when the labels at the bottom of a chart are difficult to read, because only the labels corresponding to the selected area are displayed.

Zooming in on an Area of the Chart

Click and drag or brush the area you want to zoom in on. As you are dragging or brushing a pale blue area indicates the selected area. The view zooms to the area you have selected.

Viewing the Entire Chart After Zooming

Click Reset Zoom at the upper right of the canvas.

The following images show a bar chart before and after zooming.

Selecting a Zoom Area.png

Figure: Selecting a Zoom Area

Area After Zooming.png

Figure: Area After Zooming

Hiding Group Members

Use the legends below the chart to hide or show group members.


  1. To hide a group member, click on the member name in the legend below the chart. The member is removed from the chart and the legend is grayed out.

  2. To show a group member that has been hidden, click on the grayed-out legend for the member.



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