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Add or Edit Order Items

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Add or Edit Order Items

Level: Administrator

You can add or edit the order items.

Access Order Items

  1. Navigate to Admin > Copy > Items. The Order Items screen displays.
  2. From the top-right corner, select the relevant center.


The following displays.

Field Description

Search drop-down

Allows you to select the search field by:

  • Name
  • Order Category


Allows you to add (+) or remove (-) search criteria.

Search button

Allows you to start a custom search.

Order Category column

Lists all order items by category.

Name column

The name of the order item.

Contract Price column

The contract price of the order item.

Market Price column

The market price of the order item.

Actions column

This field allows you to edit a specific order item.

Add an Order Item

You can add an order item, complete the following:

  1. Click the add order item link. 


The Add Order Item screen displays.


  1. In the Item name field, enter the Item Name.

  2. In the Long Description field, enter the Long Description (if applicable).

  3. In the Print Instructions field, enter Print instructions (if applicable).

  4. From the Order Category drop-down, select the Order Category. For example Banner, Covers, Paper Color.

  5. In the Labor Count file,d enter the Labor Count.

  6. In the Contract Price field, enter the Contract Price value.

  7. In the Market Price field, enter the Market Price value.

  8. From the Add to product drop-down, select either Do not add to product, Copy Center - B/W and Color Coping/Printing, or Copy Center - Large Format Copying/Printing.

  9. Click the Add button. Your order item has been added. 

Edit an Order Item

You can edit an order item, complete the following:

  1. For the order item you want to edit, click the edit link. The Edit Order Item screen displays.

  2. Complete your edits.

  3. From the Active drop-down, select either Yes or No.

  4. Click the Update button. Your Order Item has been updated.