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Sensor Integration

Level: Eptura Implementation team / Client IT team

Integration of Sensor utilization data into Eptura Workplace allows visualization of real-time utilization data on your Eptura Workplace floor plans as well as reporting on historical data about space utilization.

When you want to integrate Sensor utilization data into Eptura Workplace the following Sensors can be integrated:

  • CoWorkr
  • Current by GE
  • Embrava
  • IAconnects
  • iBeacon
  • Radiant
  • Relogix
  • UTI Live Motion
  • Vergesense
  • Workplace Fabric

If you would like to use sensors that are not currently supported, contact Eptura support to inquire about these.

Implementation Steps

Steps Description Responsible
1. The Eptura Implementation Manager completes a pre-implementation call with the Sensor Vendor and the Customer. On this call, customer requirements and integration capabilities are discussed and compared. If the capabilities and the requirements are a match, implementation begins. 

Eptura, Customer, and Sensor Vendor

2. Eptura Space implementation starts and the floor plans with numbered rooms are gathered from the customer and uploaded by Eptura by the customer. 

Eptura and Customer

3. Sensor Vendor provides the sensor hardware and Sensor IDs for each sensor to the customer. We recommend that the Sensor ID is labeled on each sensor. 

Sensor Vendor and Customer


The Customer deploys sensors in the buildings and documents each Sensor ID and the Eptura room number where each sensor is located.

For GE, CoWorkr, and iaConnects Sensors

  • Eptura Workplace needs to be provided the API Key by the Customer or Sensor Vendor and then an Eptura Workplace Support ticket will be opened for development to enter this into the database. 

For ReLogix Sensor

  • The Sensor Vendor does the necessary configuration to send data to Eptura Workplace.

Sensor Vendor and Customer


Customers can manually enters sensor or room number mapping into Eptura Workplace, see Configure Workplace Sensors. Alternatively, the customer can provide a spreadsheet with the Sensor ID and Eptura Workplace room number mapping (for an Implementation Manager to manually enter).

Eptura and Customer


When the integration is complete installation is complete then you can check to see if Sensor Utilization Data is flowing view the utilization data in Space Desktop, see Using Space Desktop in Sensor Mode.

If any issues are found then see Workplace Sensors Troubleshooting.

Eptura and Customer