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iOffice Mail Mobile App Release - 2016 January

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iOffice Mail Mobile App Release - 2016 January

iOffice is proud to present the newest addition to its mobile application family: iOffice Mail. You are now able to perform all of the actions you normally could from your desktop Mail Module, all from the convenience of your mobile device. This will be available on the iOS App Store by March 2016.


So What Can It Do?

The iOffice Mail application allows you to check-in, deliver, and search for mail items all from the convenience of your iOS device.

Check-In Items

You can quickly check-in items using your iOS device to scan the mail item's barcode.



Alternately you can perform a manual entry, inputting the courier, tracking number, inbound/outbound/interoffice, and to/from information yourself.


Find People

In large companies one of the biggest challenges in mail delivery is finding where everyone is sitting today. Use the iOffice platform for your advantage and make sure that you know the latest locations of all users and new hires.



Deliver Items

Once you have checked-in an item, you may also deliver it. Recipients are allowed to sign for a delivery using their finger or a stylus. You may also leave notes for the mail item (e.g. delivered to a specific person, location, or any additional details about the delivery that may prove helpful). 



Search for Items

If you need to find information about (or deliver) a specific item, you can perform a search by recipient name or tracking number to access it.


Friendly Competition

We added two leaderboards to show which employee or department has the most check-ins or deliveries. These provide a bit of competitive fun for employees as well as providing a great way for team leads or managers to quickly see mail productivity levels without needing to sit in front of a computer.