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Additional Configuration for Booking Desks

You can configure the following for your business:

COVID Compliance

Q. Do you want to set up Booking Capacity Limits?

To assist with your region's COVID-19 restrictions, your business can limit the number of people visiting a building by setting a capacity limit. This can be set for all building locations or set for particular building locations.
The capacity restriction is set by the percentage of hotel desks that can be booked on a floor.

See Set up Booking Capacity Limits

Q. Do you want to use Safe Distancing?

Manually set up the safe distancing around each space on your floor map. This ensures your employees maintain a recommended safe distancing spacing for health purposes. Before you start, check the safe distancing requirement from your local authority.

See Set up Safe Distancing

Q. Do you want your employees to complete Health Screenings?

When your business needs to ensure that employees are healthy before coming into the office, you can use SpaceIQ's Health Screening so your employees can confirm that they are symptom-free well before check-in time.

When the Health Screening is enabled, your Admins will receive Health Screening notifications when an employee fails to complete a health check. If an Admin does not want to receive the notifications, they can turn the Health Check Notifications setting off in their User Settings

See Set up Health Screenings and Combine Check-in and Health Check

Desk Bookings & Check-in Times

Q. Do you want all-day desk bookings or time-blocked bookings?

If your business wants your employees to make all-day desk bookings, this can be set up OR if you would prefer time block bookings which allow your employee to choose time OR allow both hourly and all-day bookings.

See Set up Booking Type

Q. Do you want your employees to book their own desks?

If your business wants your employees to make bookings for their own desks, such as primary desks, secondary desks, shared desks, or a neighborhood desk they belong to.

See Set up Booking Desk Usage Types

Q. Do you want your employees to check in to their desk bookings?

When the required check-in setting is on, employees must check into their desk booking. Additionally, your business can use the auto-release booked desk when an employee doesn't check into their desk booking, and you can exempt specific employees from checking in.

See Set up Required Check-in

Q. Do you want to limit the number of concurrent bookings?

Your Admins can allow employees to book multiple desks at once or limit them to booking only one desk at a time.

See Set up Single Active Reservation Booking

Q. Do you want your employees to make recurring desk bookings?

If your business wants your employee to make recurring desk bookings, this can be set up.

See Set up Recurring Desk Bookings

Q. Do you want to release hoteling desks automatically?

When an employee doesn't check into their desk booking, the booking can be canceled, and the hoteling desk is freed up for another employee to book.

By default, this is set to cancel the desk booking after 2 hours of the booking's start time. Your Admins can set when the desk booking is automatically canceled.

See Set Up Required Check-In 

Q. Do you want your employees to be able to cancel their desk booking after they have checked in?

Your Admins can allow employees to cancel their desk booking after they have checked-in

See Set up Cancel Booking After Check-in, Cancel Booking after Check-In (Web), and Cancel Booking after Check-In (Mobile)

Desk Reservation & Available Desk Visibility

Q. Do you want your employees' names displayed on reserved desks?

When looking for an available desk on the floor map, employees may like to know who has already booked desks near the available ones.

See Set up Show Names on Reserved Desks.

Q. Do you want your employees to be able to find coworkers' desk bookings?

If your employees work together, you can let them find their coworkers' desk bookings. Then they can make a desk booking next to (or near) them.

See Set up Employee Bookings Search.

Desk Bookings & Limit Future Hotel Desk Bookings

By default, your employees can reserve hotel desks for up to 6 months in the future. Your Admins can limit in days, weeks, or months how far into the future an employee can make a hotel desk booking.

See Limit Future Desk Bookings.

Desk Bookings & Book for Someone Else

Q. Do you have employees that need to make bookings on behalf of another person?

Only Admins can manage Desk Bookings on behalf of Departments and Workplace Groups.

You may have admins with different permissions, such as Location Admins or Department Admins. If so, Location Admins can manage bookings for someone in their locations, and Department Admins can manage bookings in the departments they manage.

Admins can make individual desk bookings and bulk import desk bookings if needed. Also, Admins can cancel desk bookings. 

See Book a Desk for Someone Else or Import Desk Bookings in Bulk

Find Hoteling Desks using an Asset filter

Q. Do you want your employee to find a hotel desk using the SpaceIQ Mobile app's assets filter?

The Assets filter in the SpaceIQ Mobile app lets your employees quickly find hotel desks that match their needs. For example, find a book with an ergo chair, sit-to-stand desk, or dual monitors.

See Update Space Assets to set up your hotel desks' assets; the assets list can be managed in Manage Assets.

Employee Photos

Employees have the ability to upload a photo to their profile in the SpaceIQ Mobile App; see Update your Profile.

If you have your employee photos in Google Drive, you can use the Photo Importer to integrate with Google Drive; see Employee Photo Import using Google Drive.

Desk Photos

Your Admin has the ability to upload a photo to the Desk details screen in the SpaceIQ Mobile App; see Upload a Desk Photo.