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2020 November Product Release

Below are the highlights for the release.

Health Screening on SiQ Mobile App

If your company needs their employees to confirm their health state when they check in to a desk, now you can turn on the Health Screening.


Remember to use this feature your Admin will need to turn it on and if you need different wording on the Health Screening or if you need a different word instead of Confirm on the button this can be changed too, for more details see Update Hotel Desk Booking Settings.

Stack Stack Stack ... More Buildings

If you want to stack and select more the three buildings at a time, now this is possible. Stack from one building to all your buildings.

Date Selection starts at Sunday

The SiQ Web app and SiQ Mobile app now have the same date selection when you are making a booking. Now the calendar displays from Sunday to Saturday on the SiQ Mobile app.


And on the SiQ Web app ...


New to the mobile app, discover how to use the SiQ Mobile app.

Reports CSV Export contain Extra Attributes

The following reports will contain the extra attributes in the CSV export.

  • New Hires Report
  • Terminated Employee Report
  • Future Terminations Report

Also, when you Export a CSV from the Manage Employee screen, the Employee List's CSV list will contain the extra attributes.

SiQ Help Center Content Refresh

As we continuously enhancement the SiQ product we also continuously improve the content in the help. Our Technical Content Writer is working with the Product team and Customer Success team to refresh the existing content and to explain the latest enhancements to the product.

Discover the new and updated content, see What's new in the SiQ Help Center.