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2021 May Product Release

SiQ is evolving with your needs! We hope you enjoy the added functionality and value of these recent updates. 

May updates: 

Space Types Settings

SiQ brings you Space Types settings where you can control what space types are available in your system and create custom space types. You can find Space Types settings in Company Customizations. 


Also available in Space Types Settings: 

  • View all available seat types in your system. 
  • Create, edit, and delete custom space types. 
  • Hide space types that are not in use 
  • Identify if a space type is custom or default. 
  • Determine whether a space type is seatable or not. 
  • Space Types changes are reflected in the Space Types Report. 


Learn more: Manage Space Types, Restrict Space Type Availability, Manage Custom Space Types

Support for Hyperlinking in Health Check Messages 

We support hyperlinks in health check messages. This is an optional feature.  

Learn more: Set Up Health Screenings for Hotel Desks