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Change Seat to a Shared Desk

The Shared Desk usage type will allow for multiple employees to be assigned to the desk. This can be useful when you have two shifts of employees who work in the same office space at different times.

Remember that you can change a single desk or multiple desks to a new usage type.

Watch the Video

Audio: Sound Length: 1:03 mins  Direct link: Wistia URL for Video ID: de5lzw4s7y

Follow the Steps

From the main menu, click the Floor Map floor_maps.png icon. 

Use the Locator Selector to select a building and floor.

Click the seat to change. The Data Drawer displays.


Scroll down to the space details.

From the Usage Type drop-down, select Shared Desk


Click the ASSIGN button and the space is changed to a Shared Desk.


In the Assigned Employees field, search for the employee(s).

Now the seat has multiple employees assigned to it.