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Eptura Knowledge Center

2020 May Product Release

Enhanced Neighborhoods and Department Management

See how SiQ has enhanced Department and Neighborhood management:

Learn more about the new dedicated Neighborhoods and Department management pages:

Manage Neighborhoods

Office neighborhoods provide a unique balance of flexibility and structure so agile teams can flourish. At SpaceIQ, we are bringing more nuanced control to Neighborhood management with a dedicated page where admins can:

  • Sort by:
    • Space count
    • Employee count
    • Sharing ratio
    • Capacity
    • Occupancy percentage
  • Change Neighborhood name or color
  • Filter by:
    • Location
    • Creator
  • Easily add or remove:
    • Employees
    • Departments
    • Spaces
    • One-by-one or in bulk
  • Create or delete Neighborhoods


Manage Departments

Departments and teams are fundamental structures of any large workforce. We’ve created a dedicated Department management page inside SiQ to give admins even more control to:

  • Change department and team colors:
    • One-by-one
    • In bulk
  • Sort by:
    • Allocated employees
    • Allocated spaces


New COVID Pins

Protecting employee health and well-being is top-of-mind for most organizations. Our new COVID pins highlight the locations of hygienic amenities and supplies, including:

  • Nurse
  • Thermometer
  • Handwashing sinks
  • Biohazards
  • Toilet paper
  • Face masks
  • No handshakes
  • Clean hands
  • Tissues
  • Virus shields
  • Viruses
  • Hand soap
  • Hand Sanitizer