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2021 December Product Release

SiQ is evolving! We hope you enjoy the added functionality and value of these recent updates.

December updates: 

Associate Employee to Assets using an Import

Released on December 16th

You’ll be able to import assets into SiQ and within your Assets import file and you can associate assets with employees. 


Learn more: Associate Employees or Spaces to Assets

Book your Own Desk

Released on December 10th

SiQ gives you more ways to support a hybrid work environment and now employees can book their own desks. Employees can book any space assigned to them, including primary desks, secondary desks, shared desks, and neighborhood desks. Also, you can book your own desk on a recurring basis.

MicrosoftTeams-image (21).png

Admins can enable the book your own desk in Desk Booking Settings. Also, when your Admins have the check-ins and health checks enabled these will apply for your own desk bookings too.

MicrosoftTeams-image (20).png

Note: Employees who book their own desks are counted within floor capacity limits.

Learn more: Book your Own Desk (Web), Book your Own Desk (Mobile), and Set up Booking Desk Usage Types

Combined Check-in and Health Check

Released on December 10th

Now employees can complete their check-in and health check, in one step. For this to be enabled your Admin will need to set the same time for the desk check-in and employee's health check.

Learn more: Combine Check-in and Health Check

Edit your Desk Bookings

Released on December 10th

Your employees will be able to edit their desk bookings to change the date and time of their bookings on both SiQ web and mobile apps.

MicrosoftTeams-image (22).png

Learn more: Edit your Desk Booking (Web) and Edit your Desk Booking (Mobile)