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2019 August Product Release

Move Management, Format View Updates,  Financial Forecasts, and More!

We’ve got another round of changes to SpaceIQ ready to roll out. Once again, your feedback drove this update, so if there’s something you’d like to see, make sure to reach out and let us know!

Move Uploads

Bulk move uploads mean that you no longer need to manually seat or move every single employee from a large batch. Whether due to mass hires, departmental moves, layoffs, or other causes, you can seat, move, and unseat hundreds or even thousands of employees with a simple upload.

  • Use employee’s SpaceIQ email to define “from” (current seat) and “to” (new seat)
  • Create a future move plan to put changes into effect later, or make changes to the NOW view to make changes go into effect immediately
  • You’ll still need to complete these moves in the Move Orders tab in order to finalize, meaning you can double check your work before making major changes to your seating arrangement


Move Orders

Expect smoother performance when completing multiple moves at once in the Move Orders tab.

  • Check multiple checkboxes at once and experience more efficient move completion
  • Complete hundreds of moves in seconds



Floor Map layouts now show more detail when you view them in Presentation Mode.

  • See granular details such as how many seats are allocated to a department and how many of those seats are filled
  • Use PDF or printed floor maps in presentations to better explain space utilization



New fields allow you to enter more details about your leases, including:

  • Reminder date
  • Effective date
  • Additional information (property type, lease premises, etc.)
  • Cost per sq. ft.


Financial Forecast by Buildings Reports

The Financial Forecast by Building report now has some additional controls that allow you to tailor your view.

  • Easy drop-down menus for Start Year and End Year allow you to quickly define the parameters of the report
  • Define a specific year for which metrics will be displayed
  • Clearly understand how formulas are calculated with tooltips on all reports



You now have an option to see your total headcount numbers in Projections.

  • A new Absolute tab option allows you to see total future headcount estimations rather than just growth expressed as a percentage or numbers.
  • Now easily upload headcount or projection data by absolute or aggregate totals. Continue to still upload headcount by delta too.