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About Insights

Avoid the guesswork and start making smarter decisions with the most sophisticated and comprehensive workplace analytics platform available. Use SpaceIQ Insights to analyze your portfolio to help you optimize your workplaces. Gain the power to address challenges and execute intelligent solutions via configurable dashboards and intuitive visualizations.

Insights Editor

Insights Editor will allow your super users to create and modify their own set of dashboards using our embedded Looker BI tool. 

For details, see Insights Editor Overview

Insights Direct Connect

Insights Direct Connect allows you to plug directly into our Snowflake Data Warehouse via an encrypted ODBC connection. 

Most of the popular Business Intelligence (BI) Tools on the market, such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI allow you to connect to ODBC data sources like Insights Direct Connect. For details, see:

Your IT Department might also want to use this ODBC connection to power integrations with your internal systems or to populate an internal data lake where you can combine your SpaceIQ data with other data sources.

Like a mobile phone plan, Insights Direct Connect is based on a "fair use" policy, capped at 50 hours of computing against our Snowflake Data Warehouse each month.