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2023 December Product Release

December's release includes:

Assign multiple Workplace Groups to a Space

Released December 20th

Multiple workplace groups can now be assigned to a single space.

siq 20 dec 01.png

Learn more in Allocate Seats to a Project Team.

View your Workplace Group

Released December 20th

Users with the Viewer role can now see the workplace group(s) assigned to them on the employee details card.

Users can display the employee details card by searching for their name on the floor map.

siq 20 dec 02.png

If seated, users can click the 'You Are Here' pin on the floor map to open the employee details card and view assigned workplace groups.

siq 20 dec 03.png

Learn more in Search the Floor Map.

Enhanced Employee Search results

Released December 20th

When searching for an employee, the search results now include the employee's email address.

siq 20 dec 04.png

Another example is when you search for an employee in the Data Drawer.


Or when you search for an employee in the Moves Module.

siq 20 dec 06.png