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Pins Icons Overview

There are a variety of Pins that can be added to your floor map, from First Aid Kit pin, Fire Extinguisher pin, First Responder pins, COVID Safe pins, Exit pins, Showers pin, Wheelchair pin, etc.

When you have the Pins on the floor map, they can be quickly updated and if you like the pin type can be changed, see Update Pin Size, Name, or Type.

First Aid Kit Example

You can add a First Aid Kit icon to the floor map. For details, see Add First Aid Kit or Fire Extinguisher Icons.


First Responders Example

Another useful pin to add is for your first responders such as First Aid Responder(s) or Fire Warden(s). For details, see Add First Responders.


COVID Safe Icons Example

If you need you can add COVID safe pins such as Hand Sanitizer, Hand Washing, Virus Shield etc. (See above example of how to add the pins)