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2020 September Product Release

Below are the highlights for the release.

Major Move Order Plan Enhancement - Space and Usage Types

See the latest updates to Move Plan Orders in SpaceIQ:

SpaceIQ now offers more advanced move order controls with space type and usage types within move plans:

Move Orders Include Types

Prepare for the future. Changes to space types and usage types are now supported on all your move order plans on the floor map. Changes to these fields are saved and enacted as you view, edit,and apply upcoming move orders:

  • Space Type Changes
  • Usage Type Changes
  • Improved Move Order Responsiveness



Reports Updated

Accurately communicate per-assignment plan arrangements to your team with updated reports that reflect the new move order plan changes to space and usage types:

  • Spaces
  • Spaces Cost Center


Portfolio Details

Portfolio-level details will reflect the space and usage type move order plans. This ensures you’re future-plan portfolio summaries are accurate for forecasting purposes: