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2024 February SpaceIQ Product Release

February's release includes:

  • Booking Notifications Enhancement

Booking Notifications Enhancement

This is scheduled for release on February 22nd

When the booking has been created for someone else, then the following notifications can be sent out:

  • Booking Confirmation notification
  • Employee Checked-in notification
  • Bookings Cancellation notification

Learn more in Enable or Disable your company's Email Notifications.

Booking Confirmation notification

When you create a booking for someone else, then a Booking Confirmation notification is sent out.


Employee Checked-in notification

When an employee manually checks into a booking, then an Employee Checked-in notification is sent out.


Bookings Cancellation notification

When the booking is cancelled manually by the employee, then the Bookings Cancellation notification is sent out.


Booking Notification Settings

The Company Settings for the Email Notifications will include the settings for booking on behalf of someone else.