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2020 October Product Release

Below are the highlights for the release.

Powerful Bookings Management Dashboard

Managing your company’s hoteling and desk bookings is now easier with the new Bookings Management Dashboard.

This dashboard allows SiQ admins to view, create, or cancel all company bookings from one place, which allows even more control to make changes throughout your organization.


Bookings Dashboard

Immediately view at-a-glance booking information when opening the dashboard. See upcoming reservation times with location and department.

Operating across different time zones? Hover over the booking time to reveal the local time zone for quick reference.

Powerful Filters

Quickly sort reservations using a range of criteria, such as:

  • Date range
  • Location
  • Department
  • Workplace groups
  • Custom combinations

Bulk Bookings Management

Streamline repetitive tasks by making multiple changes at once.

  • Import bookings from CSV to easily add any number of space reservations
  • One-click export to download a CSV file of all upcoming reservations, or custom-filtered for your needs
  • Bulk delete reservations in three simple steps: 1) Filter, 2) Select, 3) Delete.

A notification popup allows you to auto-notify users if any of their bookings have been canceled.


This bookings management update provides admins more control to manage space reservations than ever before.

Take Desk Bookings from Good to Great

We heard from you that locating and booking desks with SiQ was good…but it could be better. Well, we’re happy to tell you that it just got easier.

Mobile App: Enhanced Desk Booking

Next time you open your SiQ mobile app to find a desk, you’ll see improvements that make reserving a space even easier.  The reservation process is the same, but finding and selecting your desk is now more intuitive.

To reserve a desk, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your floor to view a map of available desks and common areas
  2. Swipe through the 'available desk' cards to select your desk.
  3. Tap “Book Desk”


When viewing available desk "cards", you’ll notice these new features:

  • New desk markers and updated size and position of available desk "cards" to make finding your desk easier
  • A new "View Map" button to show you where your selected desk is located on the map (and find out if it’s near the snacks).
  • Additional desk asset information to ensure your selection has the resources you need


Using the web app? A new search field has been added to help you quickly find your desired floor.

Additional improvements

We’ve also made some other, smaller enhancements and updates to the logos and color scheme to better identify available desks.

In case you missed it, the product's name has been changed from SpaceIQ to SiQ.