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Eptura Knowledge Center

2017 November Product Release

Fresh New Features

SpaceIQ equipping you with everything you need to work better, faster, and smarter.

What’s New?

  • Printing: Print what is right for you at the time you need it! Choose the right size and the categories you want to print on your map.
  • Global Map View: In one-click see all of your sites on a global map. Hover over a specific site and get details on that specific building.
  • Move Tagging: Tag and categorize moves however you see fit. Someone moving in the morning, or in the evening? Tag it for the team.
  • Map Density Levels: Density levels now have more granularity so you can make map details show sooner as you zoom.
  • Move History Reports: Need to know who moved an employee? You can use the new Moves History report to find that out, as well as where an employee was moved from.