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Schedule a meeting room for a future date (Web)

You can book ad-hoc meeting rooms or schedule meeting rooms for future dates. You can view capacity and assets on meeting rooms to ensure you have booked a meeting room that works for you. 

From the Floor Map, select the Book Meeting Room icon to open the book meeting room module.  

future mtg rm 1.jpg

Now we will specify a date, location, and meeting room. You can change the selection order, but for this example, we will first choose a date and time, a location, and then a meeting room. 

Click on the date range.

future mtg rm2.jpg

Select a date and time, and then click UPDATE.

future mtg rm 3.jpg

Click the floor selector and then choose a floor.

future mtg rm 6.jpg

Now you'll find and select a meeting room. Available meeting rooms appear as green dots in the book meeting room module. Click on a meeting room. Alternatively, you can search for a specific meeting room in the search field. 

future mtg rm 4.jpg

Review meeting room details which include capacity and assets. Click BOOK MEETING ROOM.

future mtg rm 8.jpg

Meeting room bookings appear in My Bookings. 

future mtg rm 9.jpg