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Check-In to a Desk from an Email Notification

By default, the  Hotel Desk check-in begins one hour before your reservation starts and your Admin can adjust this time.

If your Admin has enabled Health Checks, you'll be prompted to complete a health check, and if set up complete a post check-in question.

Watch the Video

Watch this quick video on how to check-in for your reservation from an email notification.

Audio: Sound Length: 0:28 mins  Direct link: Wistia URL for Video ID: u8i4o5cfkn

Check-In from an Email

Step 1. Open the Check-in Notification Email

Open your check-in notification email, for example.


Step 2. Complete a Health Check

If you are prompted to complete a health check, review the symptoms and confirm that you are symptom-free.  


Click the Confirm link.

Step 2.1 Optional - Complete the Post Check-in Question

If a post check-in message has been set up by your Admin then this displays.


Click either Yes or No.

The follow-up response sent message displays.


Click the Continue to SiQ link.

Step 2.2 Check-in Confirmation Displays

If there is no post check-in question then the check-in confirmation displays.


You can either click the Cancel Booking link or click the Continue to SiQ link.