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Allocate Seats to a Project Team

This is where you want a Workplace Group to be allocated to seats but the employees have no assigned seats.


For Example

This can be used when you have a project team that requires to be allocated to seats but has no assigned seats.

This article describes the situation of when you want the project team called Project Team Z to have allocated seats. This team consists of employees from the Engineering team who are working on a short-term project. 

Watch the Video

Audio: Sound Length: 2:34 mins  Direct link: Wistia URL for Video ID: 0i5e60k73p

Follow the Steps

Step 1. Allocate Seats to a Workplace Group

Navigate to the Floor Map, click on the Floor Map  icon then select the floor you want to manage.

Hold the Shift key and drag to select multiple spaces (spaces can be unassigned spaces) and employees.

The Data Drawer displays the selected employees and spaces.


Click the WORKPLACE GROUPS button.

The Workplace Groups dialog displays.


Check the Assign X seats to workplace group check box.

In the Workplace Group field, either:

  • select an existing workplace group
  • OR enter a new workplace group name. For example, Project Team Z.

When you select the workplace group name it will be automatically assigned to the spaces.

Step 2. View the Workplace Group

Remember you can view the workplace groups on the Floor Map when you turn on the View Filter, see Customize Floor Map Views

Click the View Filter view_filters_icon.png icon. The filters display.

Click the Seat Workplace groups filter to turn it on.


Step 3. Add Employees to the Workplace Group

Navigate to Manage Employees, from the menu click Manage and then click Workplace Groups.

In the Search field, enter the workplace group name. For example Engineering workplace group.

From the search results, select the workplace group name. The Workplace Group details dialog displays.


Click the +Employee button.

In the Search field, enter the employee's name.

From the search results, select the employee's name and it is added to the list.