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Change Neighborhood Color

As your office space changes, you can modify the colors of neighborhoods to identify them on a floor plan better. You can modify a Neighborhood color in Manage Neighborhoods.

When logged in as an admin to SpaceIQ Web, you'll see neighborhoods in color when viewing the floor plan with Neighborhood filters.

neigh color1.jpg

This article shows you how to change a neighborhood color.

Change the Color

Click on the Manage icon and then click Neighborhoods.

You will see a list of neighborhoods. Click on the name of a neighborhood.

neigh color3.jpg

Click the drop-down next to the colored square. 

neigh color4.jpg

Select a color from the available options, or enter a Hex code or RGB values.

neigh color3a.jpg

Click Assign Color to save your changes.

neigh color5.jpg

Your neighborhood will now be associated with the color you chose.