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2021 January Product Release

Below are the highlights for the release.

Move Orders to include Space Updates

When working with Move Plans, now Admins have additional flexibility to manage current Now and Future plans.

Previously, both Now and Future plans utilized the same space layout and attributes. This release provides the ability to make changes to future plans without the need to change your current floor plan, such as:

  • Add, edit, remove or move spaces, or change any space attributes
  • Manage space changes 

Remember that the Move Order plans are collections of seat assignments and reassignments that can be scheduled in the future. These orders will include the employee moves and with the upcoming release this will include space updates too.

So when you are in the Move Plan and you can use the Floor Map Editor to adjust the space then this will be reflected in the move. The following will be included in the space updates:

  • any spaces added or deleted.
  • when you move a space.
  • edits to the space attributes such as note, label, usage type, space type, size, or code.
  • change to the department.

In this example, when we look at the NOW, you will see Bertam, Danyell, Floyd, and Kaila sitting together. However, we want to remove some desks and then move the desks to the left on the floor map. 


So, we create Plan A on the Jan 31 and use the Floor Map editor to delete 4 desks, renumber the desks, and then move the desks to the left.


When we look in the Move Orders, you will see the space updates are detailed in the Move Plan. When you publish the Move Plan the space updates will be published in to the NOW.


More details see Move Orders.