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SpaceIQ Quick Start

Now, your SpaceIQ is ready for use ...

SpaceIQ is smart and easy, giving you tools to effectively manage your space, now it is time to explore and learn about SpaceIQ Web and the SpaceIQ Mobile app.

SpaceIQ  Web

The How do I log in to SpaceIQ? the article describes how your employees (including Admins) will log into SpaceIQ  Web, either via SSO (single-sign on) or manually.

The default user role for employees is the Viewer user role that allows them to search for coworkers, book hotel desks, and also book meeting rooms. See Using a SpaceIQ Web App as an Employee.

The admin user roles have specific access so the admins can complete their space-planning tasks. There are different types of admin roles: Admin, Department Admin, Location Admin, Power Admin, Space Captain. See Using SpaceIQ Web App as an Admin.

Note: If you have a Kiosk Touchscreen set up in your lobby or in the entrance to a floor, then employees and visitors can use SpaceIQ Web to find desks and navigate the office. See Using the SpaceIQ Web App as a Kiosk Touchscreen.

SpaceIQ Mobile

Employees are able to download and install the SpaceIQ Mobile App, which they will use to book hoteling desks, book meeting rooms, and find coworkers, etc.

Product Support


SpaceIQ is designed to be intuitive, but training will add value and depth to your SpaceIQ experience.

To take full advantage of SpaceIQ's robust features, we’ve designed training courses to get you up and running quickly. Either you can register to attend a Live Interactive Webinar or you can watch the recorded webinars for Course 1: Intro to SpaceIQ and Course 2: Optimize SpaceIQ.


We're happy to help! Explore the Knowledge Base for answers to your questions or reach out to the SpaceIQ Suppport team.