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Use Slack to find an Employee

You can find where your coworker is located.

Before you can use this, the Slack Integration needs to be set up; see set up the SiQ app in Slack.

  1. Under the Apps menu, click SiQ
  2. In the Message SiQ field, enter in help. The SiQ Assistant displays the commands you can use.
    The commands find | search | locate | where is display and these can be used to find an employee by full name or by partial name.
  3. In the Message SiQ field, enter the command and the employee's name. For example, find aleks.
  4. Click the Send now send_now_icon.png icon or press the Enter key.
    The employee's location(s) display. The information will include the building, floor, seat, neighborhood, employee's photo, etc.
  5. Click the View Floor Map button.
    The floor map displays.
  6. Either you can open the floor map inside Slack or open the floor map to a new window.

Inside Slack

  • Click the floor map. The floor map dialog displays.

New Window

  1. Hover over the floor map.
  2. Click the new window new_window_icon.png icon.

A new browser tab displays the SpaceIQ Web App with the location of the employee.

Note: If you are not logged in to the SpaceIQ Web App, then you will be prompted to log in.