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Filter by Location

The location filter lets you narrow down to specific location(s) listed in your portfolio rather than showing your organization as a whole. 

The  Location Filter can be changed in the Portfolio, Floor Map, Move, or Manage modules.

Let's have a look at how the filter  is applied from the Floor Map, click the Location Fitlers location_filters_icon.png icon. The locations in your portfolio display.


By default, all the locations are turned on. To turn off a location click the Filter filter_on_icon1.png icon.


The message Location you hide will be hidden from view in all screens, searches, and reports.

Click the Update button to confirm and the locations icon displays white, for example filter_off_icon.png

When the Location Filter is applied then the icon displays green, for example locator_filter_green.png. You can change the filter or turn the location back on, click the Location Filter icon and then either turn off another location or turn on a location.