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2018 December Product Release

Streamlined Tech Tools

Our latest product update further streamlines functionality and makes it even easier to leverage different tech tools with SpaceIQ.

Premium Users

Our top-tier subscription package now comes with even more of the sophisticated tools you rely on to streamline and automate complex facilities tasks. These new premium features include a special tool for all users and two others just for admins:

Cost Management

We’re opening up Cost Management free for 6 weeks to everyone! This new Portfolio feature makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on how much you’re spending at each of your organization’s properties. With this feature, you can get a detailed look into what your lease fees are paying for.

  • Auto-generate graphs of annual per-building costs for KPIs such as cost/employee and cost/sq. ft.
  • Compare annual costs between buildings and locations
  • Identify particular locations for efficiency improvements based on annual costs


Connect SpaceIQ with sensors throughout your offices to gather advanced data in real time.

  • Automate specific, accurate space utilization data collection for continuous assessment without special effort from staff members
  • Read and share automated sensor reports to leverage the data SpaceIQ collects and make efficiency-focused changes with confidence
  • Use the IoT to gather real-time and historical stats for meeting room and seat utilization across all buildings
  • Leverage precise data to find out which specific parts of your real estate portfolio are either over- or under-utilized
  • Determine true meeting room utilization stats, including actual meeting duration and size



For our clients with the Aruba indoor positioning system, this new mobile app integration provides turn-by-turn navigation within your office, allowing employees and guests from point A to point B with speed and accuracy.

  • Enable users to find a specific location or person in their current, live location
  • Users can find and book nearby meeting rooms based on current location
  • Revolutionize the office experience for employees, job candidates, and others who are unfamiliar with the space
  • Make collaboration even easier with live location sharing between employees

Standard Users

Users with the Standard & Premium product packages will be able to use these features. Think these features might make SpaceIQ even more useful for your team? Get in touch with us to talk upgrades.

Lease Management

Lease Management
This new feature enhances SpaceIQ’s status as a central system of record for facility managers, providing a simple database of active leases for each building, floor, or suite in your real estate portfolio. Find Lease Management by clicking into the Manage tab (formerly the Employees tab).

  • Get periodic email alerts for lease expiration and notice dates to stay effortlessly informed
  • Keep all relevant information in one place by uploading original lease documents and adding building management contact information to each property lease info
  • Use tools and selectors to zero in on specific properties or organize all active leases by expiration date
  • Add detailed information such as total square footage leased and annual cost for at-a-glance comparisons.

Upgrades to Existing Features

You’ll also see some slight changes to the features you already use in SpaceIQ, including these useful upgrades:

  • Add employees without email addresses to the system so all personnel are counted in SpaceIQ. Employees without emails will automatically be assigned an email with the following format:

“Created by” field in Scenario Planning identifies who’s responsible for which move plan scenarios

  • Facility Group designation a categorization option that offers an alternative to departmental seating. With Facility Groups, you can group interdepartmental teams together on your seating chart
  • New Pins, including a fire extinguisher, for a more precise Floor Map