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Floor Map Colors

This article shows e different ways Spaces can be colored in SpaceIQ. Two areas of Space can be colored on the Floor Map: the inside and the outside.

Inside Space Colors

The center dot inside each space has a color that represents the Usage Type of that seat:


Orange - Hot Desk

These desks lack a permanent occupant. They are often used as temporary workspaces that can accommodate regular or free-floating team members who may not require a dedicated work area for whatever reason.

Turquoise - Hoteling Desk

Named due to the similarity of booking a hotel room, a Hotel Desk can be managed by an Admin who can create bookings on behalf of Departments and Workplace groups. For more details, see Manage Hotel Desk Bookings, and for how to set up Hoteling Desks, see Set up Hoteling. Also, employees can make bookings from the SiQ Web App and the SiQ Mobile App.

Purple - Neighborhood Desk

This type of seating does not have individually assigned desks. Rather, employees are assigned to a group of workspaces called Neighborhoods. This arrangement supports an agile workplace environment and can promote collaboration and lower costs for the organization.

White - Primary Seat 

When adding a new workspace to your floor map, this is the default seating type. This seat can be assigned to an individual employee, as is common in many organizations.

Blue - Reserved Desk 

A reserved desk is set aside as reserved for future use. It is not counted as vacant for reporting purposes.

Yellow - Secondary Seat 

When an employee needs more than one workspace, secondary seats can be assigned to employees already assigned to another seat.

Magenta - Shared Desk 

Shared desks let employees freely choose their workspaces from day to day. The idea is to remove employees from their “silos” and encourage them to intermingle homogeneously. The motivation behind desk sharing is better space utilization and lower costs for the business.

Outside Space Colors

The colors on the outside ring of Spaces on the floor map indicate what department that space belongs to in the organization.

Since this color coding will be different from one organization to another, there is a color key that can be easily accessed from the lower-left corner of the Floor Map view [1]. You may also see the outside ring split into two colors [2]. This shows you the team color within a department. The color on the top represents the department, and the color on the bottom is the team within that department that space is assigned to: