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Add Office icons to the Floor Map

You can add a Personal space type to the floor map and these are Space icons that represent individual seats. In this example, you will add an Office icon.

Watch the Video

Audio: Sound Length: 2:03 mins  Direct link: Wistia URL for Video ID: 9q1p5vt098

Follow the Steps

From the Floor Map, complete the following:

Click the Map Editor map_editor_icon.png icon. The Map Editor displays.

Click on the ADD SPACE button. The space drawer displays.

Scroll down to the Personal spaces.


Click the Office. The Space code dialog displays.


In the Space code field, enter the space code.

Remember, the space codes are unique identifiers:

  • If you know your unique identifiers then enter the starting identifier.
  • If you do not know the unique identifier then label the desks and offices in numerically 1-xxx from the left to right on the floor plan. For more detail, see the Floorplan Preparation's Seat Nomenclatures (Numbering).

Click the OK button.

Click on the floor map to add the space icon.

When finished press the Esc key.