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Share Your Desk Booking (Web)

Sharing your booking can help coworkers locate you in the office and book a hotel desk near you. On the SpaceIQ Web App, each day of a desk booking is associated with a unique link you can copy and share with a coworker via email, SMS, or messaging app. 

To share a booking, navigate to My Bookings.

share booking web1.jpg

You'll notice that each day of a booking has a link. Each day's link is unique. Click on a link to copy it, then paste it into an email or messaging app.   

share booking web2.jpg

Share a Single-Day Booking

Click the link next to a single-day booking. Then, paste it into an email or message.

share booking web3.jpg

This is an example of a message containing a booking link. The booking link is copied and pasted directly from the SpaceIQ Web App; you can compose the message text any way you like:
share booking web4.jpg

Share a Multi-Day Booking

Copy and paste each day's link separately, then paste each link into a message.

So, you may share a 3-day booking in a message like this: 

share booking web5.jpg