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Eptura Knowledge Center

SpaceIQ Services Status


You can view the SiQ Service Status page to find out the status of the services and details of maintenance events. 

Current Status

This displays the status of the service and metrics for the following:

  • System Status
  • Space Modules
    • Map
    • Move
    • Desk Reservation
    • Room Calendar
    • Ticketing
    • Asset 
    • Employee Import
    • Projections 
    • Stack
    • Portfolio
    • Insights
    • Reports
  • Apps
    • Web App 
    • Mobile App
    • Kiosk App
  • Public API

Subscribe To Updates

Click the Subscribe to Update button to get the latest system updates via SMS or email notification.

Incident History

This details any system performance events that have occurred. You can also view events in a 3-month time period.


This details the system's health or any of our metrics in a calendar view for a 3-month time period.