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Move Orders Overview

Move Plans (also known as Scenario Plans) are collections of seat assignments and reassignments that can be scheduled in the future.

When you make changes to employees and updates to spaces in the Move Plan (via the Floor Map) these details will be listed in the Move Order screen as moves.

Employees Changes

The moves listed in the Employee Changes tab includes:

  • seat or unseat an employee to/from a desk.
  • when you move an employee to/from a desk.
  • workplace group will be assigned on the NOW and the Move Plan.

Space Updates

The moves and updates listed in the Space Updates tab include:

  • any spaces added or deleted.
  • when you move a space.
  • edits to the space attributes such as a note, label, usage type, space type, size, or code.
  • change to the department.


  • If you want to update Pins, then this is completed on the NOW view and this will be reflected on the future Move Plans.
  • You cannot make a Desk Booking on a future plan and you cannot assign space assets on a future Move Plan.

Create Move Plans

The Move Plans can be created and viewed in the Floor Map module and the Move Orders module. Then the plans can be viewed in the Global Map screen and Stack screen. For more details see Manage Move Plans.

Manage Moves

Your moves to employees and spaces are listed in the Move Order module. This will contain details for the NOW view and the Move Plans. For more details see Manage Moves.