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Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigate the Stack

To access the Stack, click on the Portfolio icon [1] and then the Stack icon [2].



If you have a large portfolio, you can search for either a city or building.


View Floors by Totals or Department

The Stack can be viewed by either the totals or department, click the Totals toggle [1] to view the number of employees and the number of empty seats.


View Future Plans

The Move Plans can be seen in the Stack, click the Portfolio icon [1], click the Stack icon [2], then click the date [3] and this displays the plans. To view the plans, click the name of the plan.
After you select a plan you can see how future moves or new starters change the occupancy and seat availability.


Explore a building's floor to the Team level

If you want to get even more granular with planning, click on a floor in the building Stack. The breadcrumbs for your view listed at the top of the screen and you can click back to a higher level.