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Onboarding Prerequisite Decisions

Use the prerequisites list to ensure you have made decisions before you commence the onboarding. 

Initial Setup Decisions

Employee Data

Q. Do you want to set up an SFTP transfer to update your employee data?

SpaceIQ supports a number of integration options to automate the data import process and enable employee access to SpaceIQ features. One common method used to import employee data is SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). The process allows you to connect to a SpaceIQ-hosted SFTP server and save a file containing relevant information. SpaceIQ will automatically pick up the file and load it into your system.

For more details about the integration, see SFTP Employee Import, Namely Integration, and PeopleHR Integration.

Q. Will you upload your employee data before you set up your buildings?

We recommend that you upload your employee data first as the order that the initial data is loaded will affect the relationship between the employees and the building they will be located in.

The location relationship is defined in the Employee data's Location column and this will populate the Building’s HR Location drop-down. This relationship will save you a lot of time when it comes to seating your employees.

For more explanation, see Building and Employee Location Relationship

Buildings and Floors

Q. How many buildings and floors do you want to initially set up?

If you have many buildings and floors to set up this can be completed via an import or if you a few to set up then you can complete this manually.

Q. How do want to manage your floorplan(s)?

Your floorplans can be upload as PNG, PDF or CAD.

For more details, read the Floorplan Preparation article

Floor Maps

Q. Do you know your seat numbering?

If you have existing unique seat numbering and meeting room names then you can set this up quickly. If you don’t have unique seat numbering that’s fine we have a recommended way to number seats.

For more details, read the Floorplan Preparation article

Allocation and Occupancy

Q. Do you know your seating charts?

Your office seating for employees may be:

  • In-Office - where employees work in-office either in fixed seats (assigned seats), flexible seats, or neighborhoods
  • Remote First - where employees work remotely but may be able to work or gather in an office
  • Hybrid - where employees spend half their time remotely and half in-office

When your employees are working in-office you may want your seating charts to be similar to pre-pandemic setup using the fixed seats, flexible seats, or neighborhoods. Or you may want to set up your seating charts so that your employees must book hoteling desks before they come into the office. 

Additional Setup Decisions


Q. Do you want your employees to be able to book meeting rooms?

If you want your employees to book meeting rooms then the Calendar integration needs to be complete and the meeting room set up on the Floor Map.

Q. Do you want your employees to be able to create maintenance tickets?

You can either complete a Ticketing integration for your employees to create maintenance tickets to a third-party Ticketing system or set up the Email (Ticketing) integration so that your employees can submit maintenance tickets directly from the SpaceIQ Mobile app.

Q. Does your office use badge and/or sensors?

If your business uses Badge systems then this can be uploaded to SpaceIQ to give your business insight into the attendance of a building. Also, if your business uses Sensors to identify space usage then this can be uploaded into SpaceIQ to give you insights into the usage of spaces such as desks and meeting rooms.

Q. Do you want to set up Kiosk Touchscreen in your office?

SpaceIQ can be set up to run on an interactive Kiosks Touchscreen and employees can use it to help them find employees and meeting rooms.

Next Onboarding Step

Download the Onboarding Prerequisite Decisions

The onboarding prerequisites decisions have been set up in a PDF for you to download.


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