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Eptura Knowledge Center

2018 March Product Release

Fresh New Features

Asset Management

Use Asset Management to match employee needs with workstation assets.

  • Standardize your assets and requirement lists company-wide.
  • Support employees with special needs or roles.
  • Track your floor and building asset inventory (coming soon).

Occupancy Projection

Manage short-term growth with Occupancy Projections.

  • Visualize how confirmed new hires and terminations will impact occupancy.
  • Plan for the future by analyzing growth scenarios.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.12.59 PM.png

New in Seating...

Account for seats and employees with a Secondary Seat.

  • Employee with multi-location seating requirements? Assign multiple seats to an employee.
  • Easily find all employee’s seat assignments.


Reserve Seats for anticipated hires.

  • Save a specific seat for a new team member who isn’t in the HR records yet.