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Eptura Knowledge Center

Additional Integrations


Set up the integrations to the Ticketing systems (for Salesforce, Samanage, or ServiceNow) or allow your employees to submit tickets directly from SpaceIQ's employee app. For more details, see Salesforce, Samanage, ServiceNow, or Email (Ticketing Integration for SpaceIQ Mobile App).


Use the Slack Integration with SpaceIQ to locate employees, meeting rooms, and spaces through the SpaceIQ Slack bot. For more details, see Slack Integration.

Badge and Sensors

Set up integrations to enable Badging and/or Sensor data to be loaded and then used in analytics and reporting. For more details, see Sensor Systems.

Kiosk Touchscreen

Your Administrator can set up SpaceIQ Web app to be a Kiosk that employees can use to help them find employees and meeting rooms. For more details, see Set up a Kiosk Touchscreen and Using SpaceIQ Web App as a Kiosk.


We cover everything you need to know, from authentication to manipulating results, to combining results with other services. For more details, see SpaceIQ API.