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2021 March Product Release

Our product is evolving with your needs! We hope you enjoy the added functionality and value of these recent updates. 

March updates: 

Book Next to Coworkers

Employees can now search for a coworker, find where they have booked, and then book a hotel desk near them.

From the SiQ Web App, your employees can use the Book Desk mode to search for a coworker and in the search, there is a link to their booking. For details see, Book Next to a Coworker (Web) and Book Next to a Coworker (Mobile).


This can be enabled by Admins in Desk Booking Settings, for details see Set up Employee Booking Search


See Who's Nearby when Booking 

When looking for an available desk on the SiQ Web or Mapp, employees may like to know who has already booked desks near the available ones.

A new setting for the SiQ Mobile App shows the names of employees next to the desks they booked. So, when an employee goes to book a desk, they’ll see who they are booking next to.  

Your Admin can turn this setting on, for details see Set up Show Names on Reserved Desks.


Share Your Booking 

Employees and SiQ Admins can now share their booking via email, Slack, or messaging app so that their coworkers can book a desk nearby. This enhancement is available to all users and doesn't need to be enabled in settings. 

When you view your booking, you'll find the new Share icon. 


 Learn more: Share your Desk Booking (Mobile)

Limited Dept Admin Permissions

Dept Admin permissions have been further limited. Dept Admins still operate within a neighborhood to assign and unassign spaces and employees. They are now unable to view neighborhood-related statistics such as sharing ratio, capacity, and occupancy.

Neighborhood management matrix.jpg

Learn more about the User Role Matrix.

Neighborhood Data Included in Projections

SiQ now incorporates neighborhood data in calculations for projections. 

This data is now factored into projection calculations:

  • Seats – All physical seats within neighborhoods on the building and floor 
  • Employee – Employee counts assigned to neighborhoods associated with cities, buildings, and floors. 
  • Department – Departments within neighborhoods are listed for projections by building and floor. 

The addition of neighborhoods within projections will not currently impact the Projections Report. 

Projection Data Imports - Error Messaging

Importing accurate data is critical to creating accurate projections. With enhanced messaging for projection data imports, you can be clear about what data failed to import.  

When you navigate to Projections, you have the option to import data for buildings and floors.

The import setting is located in Projections when you select a Projection by Floor or a Projection by Building


When you import projection data, you're prompted to upload a .csv file.


If the import fails, you'll receive an error message that looks like this:


In the Manage section of SIQ there is a new Projections tab.


On the Projections tab, you can view the history of your projection imports. Click Building to view a history of imports for building projections. Click Floor to view the history of imports for floor projections.

This is an example of import history for floor projection import history that includes failed import attempts:

Floor Proj Error 1.jpg

Here's a drill-down of one of the imports that had failed data transfers and error messages: