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Q. How do I set up the SiQ Paper Size in AutoCAD?

The custom paper size called SiQ Standard (4000.00 x 3100.00 Pixels) and this is used when you set up SpaceIQ for Safe Distancing on the floor map.

From AutoCAD complete the following.

From the menu click Output > Plot > Plot. The Plot - Model displays.

From the Name drop-down, select PublishToWeb PNG.pc3.


Click the Properties... button. The Plotter Configuration Editor - PublishToWeb PNG.pc3 dialog displays.

Select the Custom Paper Sizes option.


Click the Add... button. The Custom Paper Size - Begin dialog.


Click the Next > button. The Custom Paper Size - Media Bounds dialog displays.

In the Width field, enter 4000.

In the Height field, enter 3100.


Click the Next > button. The Custom Paper Size - Paper Size Name dialog displays.

In the File Name field, enter SiQ Standard (4000.00 x 3100.00 Pixels).


Click the Next > button.


Click the Finish button.


Click the OK button. The Plot - Model dialog displays.

In the Paper size drop-down, select SiQ Standard (4000.00 x 3100.00 Pixels).


Note: If you want to publish to a PNG, then complete the following:

  1. Click the OK button. The Browse for Plot File dialog displays.
  2. Navigate to a folder and then click the Save button. The floorplan is saved as a PNG file.