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Eptura Knowledge Center

Floor Map Editor Overview

The Floor Map Editor is used by the Administrators to keep the NOW view up-to-date with the current spaces (and the future Move Plans can be created).

Remember you will need to already have a building, a floor, and a floor map image uploaded into the system before you can edit the map. 

Navigate to Map Editor

Click the Floor Map floor_maps.png icon and then the Map Editor map_editor_icon.png icon.


Remember when you are in Map Edit mode you'll be able to leave at any time click the EXIT EDIT MODE icon in the top right corner.

Building and Floor Selector

The top left corner shows the current building and floor on display. Click on the current building/floor name to display the Building and Floor Selector. From the selector you can to quickly toggle between different Floor Maps in your Portfolio.

NOW View and Move Plans

In this area there is a NOW view and this contains what is currently on the Floor Map and when you create a Move Plan for a date it will be a copy of the NOW view, and then when you create a subsequent Move Plan it will be based on the previous plan.

Click the Move Order move_plan_icon.png icon to create a new Move Plan. For more details, see Move Orders and Add Move Plan via the Floor Map.

Icons and Text

There are several categories of icons you can add:

Also, you can add Text to the floor map.

Renumber Spaces

All personal and common work spaces must have a code assigned that is unique on that floor. For more details, see Renumber Spaces.

Safe Distancing

Safe distancing is used when you set up Hotel Desks and need to ensure that employees maintain the recommend safe distancing spacing for health purposes. For more details, see Set Up Safe Distancing on the Floor Map.

Map Editor Controls

There are various controls you can use to move around the floor map, manage, and align spaces, see Map Editor Controls.