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Insights Direct Connect Overview

Data Analyst

Insights Direct Connect allows you to plug directly into our Snowflake Data Warehouse via an encrypted ODBC connection to directly query your Insights data with other sources of your choosing.

Most of the popular Business Intelligence (BI) Tools on the market, such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Looker allow you to connect to ODBC data sources like Insights Direct Connect.


While Insights' ETL process refreshes data from SpaceIQ at a minimum of once a day (hourly for time series data), Insights Direct Connect provides a connection to your data as it currently exists in the data warehouse, including historical records, so you can access your data via live queries and know that you consistently see the latest available extract.

Your IT team might also want to use this ODBC connection to power integrations with your internal systems or to populate an internal data lake where you can combine your SpaceIQ data with other data sources.

When using Direct Connect, you must define your own sets of joins and aggregations.