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Inspections Overview Video

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Inspections Overview Video

Inspections are the most common form of scheduled, reoccurring, preventive maintenance jobs. 

Watch the Video

This video will review the Inspections module and show how to run inspections from three different perspectives:

  • Maintenance Manager (Inspections & PMs)
  • Mobile Techs (Inspections via the Work Companion mobile app)
  • Operators (the Operator Companion app)

Additionally it will take you through the entire Inspection experience...

  • Manage Inspections in the main desktop application
  • Conduct Inspections in the Work Companion App
  • Allow machine operators to inspect assets through the Operator Companion Web App
  • Determining who can perform inspections
  • Create your own Inspection templates
  • Schedule Inspections in PMs
  • Include Inspections as part of your written Maintenance Plans

Complete the Learning Paths

Afterwards, we suggest these Inspection training paths

  • New to inspections?  You'll want to start with this learning path called Inspections - The Basics
  • Administrators will need to learn how to create your inspection templates, decide which assets need to be inspected, and assign inspections. Explore the learning path called Inspections - Admin Setup & Settings.


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