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Update PMs in Bulk

The PMs in the list can have actions applied to them in bulk.

  1. From the menu, click PMs and the PM Management screen displays.
  2. In the list view you can search and filter the list.
  3. Select either the Select All check box (this is found in the column header) or select multiple PMs check boxes.


  1. From the Actions drop-down, select either:

The action will be applied to the selected PMs. See below for examples of the different actions.


Generate Work

  1. After you select Generate Work the message displays "You are about to generate work for 4 PMs. Some of these are less than 100% due. Do you want to continue?
  2. Click the Yes button and the work is generated.


Update Assigned To Contacts

  1. After you select Update Assigned To Contacts, the Contact dialog displays.


  1. Either search for or browse the list for to find the worker's name.
  2. Check the contacts's check box. The first assigned contact will be designated as Primary and a badge displays. 
  3. Click the Add Selected button and the contact name is added to the selected maintenance plans.

Update Assigned To Vendor

  1. After you select Update Assigned To Vendor, the Assign Vendor dialog displays.


  1. From the Assigned Vendor drop-down, select the vendor.
  2. Click the Assign button and the vendor is assigned to the selected maintenance plans.

Adjust Cycle Progress

Remember you can only progress for items that are in the same schedule.

  1. After you select Adjust Cycle Progress, the Adjust Progress dialog displays.


  1. From the Next Date drop-down, select either Next Date or Last Done.
  2. Click the Date picker, select a date.
  3. Click the Save button and the cycle progress is updated.