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Service Items Import Template Data

Level: Eptura Implementation team

Our Implementation team can use this import to populate the service items.

General Information

  • Do not change the column headers in Row 1 as this is used to complete the upload.

Data Columns 

The table below lists the columns and which columns are required or optional.

Column Name
Column Required Max Length Notes
Service Class 
Yes 24 States type of Person, Vendor, Skill or if *SAFETY* item. Asterisks are used for Safety to make sure it comes first on work orders!
Service Task  Yes 24 Each are unique and setup to describe the type of labor being performed for reporting and search purposes.
Description  Yes 255 Describes the task in greater detail.
Active     T/F Task can be set to false (inactive) if no longer used.
Invoice Labor Rate             

Invoice Labor Rate - Standard Rate: Uses the Employee's set hourly labor rate when assigned to the job.

Override Rate - Set dollar amount. Example: Vendor provides the service at $150 regardless of the number of actual hours. (Set the Estimated Time to 1 in this instance.)

Estimated Time       Always try to enter expected or average amount of time to do the job in HOURS.
Estimated Labor Rate       Average labor rate per job skill based on the Estimate Hours.
Labor Price      Actual cost of service.
Task Instructions    1000 Details instructions.